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A custom-designed boathouse is a perfect place to store your boat, conveniently located right on your own property. It can be the boathouse garage space you have been dreaming of for so many years!

Building a Boathouse?

Custom boat houses are made from steel, aluminum, and wood. If you have a boat that requires specific amenities such as boat lifts, boat elevators, or boat hoists, then these things can be incorporated into your boathouse design at the time of construction. We can custom design your boathouse or boat lift, and make sure that they match your specifications.

Boathouse Designs?

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Custom boathouses can be built in various shapes and sizes.

The 3 basic styles of boathouses are the saltwater boathouse, freshwater boathouse, and dual boathouse. Regardless of which style you choose, a custom boathouse will be a great addition to your property.

The Saltwater Boathouse

How Much Does a Boathouse Cost?


Typically, the saltwater boathouse is used to houseboat engines and boat equipment. It also serves as a docking area for boats that are involved in fishing or water sports. Saltwater boat houses are usually made of steel and wood framing, mainly to prevent exposure to moisture. The boathouse has an entryway, through which boat owners can carry boat equipment into the enclosure. It also has boat lifts or boat hoists, which boat owners use to get boats in and out of the water.

The Freshwater Boathouse

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If you do not have a saltwater boat, then your boathouse can be built as a freshwater boathouse. The freshwater boathouse is different in that it is smaller and has a boat lift for yachts. If you buy boat lifts, they are pretty easy to install yourself. Just make sure that the boat lift installation follows all safety regulations, such as shoring up your boathouse properly to secure the boat lift in place. Dual Boathouse?

The Dual Boathouse

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The dual boathouse is usually built for boat owners who have both a freshwater boat and a boat that travels on saltwater. A dual boathouse will have boat lifts or boat hoists, which can be used for either boat. It also has an enclosed area where boat engines are stored when not in use.

This design is preferable to boat owners because they do not need to buy boat lifts for two boats. Just take note that boat hoists are not suited for saltwater boat houses because they can corrode easily if exposed to salty water. The boat lifts in dual boathouses are primarily used to dock the boat at various locations or piers within the enclosure area.

Do you want a Lakefront Boathouse, Party Platforms, or Sundeck?

The possibilities are endless. You can design it to be over the water or partially over the water, and it can even have a boat lift in the middle of your boathouse for easy boat retrieval! There are also party platforms and sundecks which allow you to enjoy being outdoors while still having access to their boat when they want to use it.

A boathouse can be designed as a second garage for your boat, or it can hold a boat lift. Either way, you will have extra storage space for equipment and gear. It is also a great place to store boat supplies and maintenance equipment, dinghy's, personal watercraft (PWC), and even kayaks! An attached boathouse works great for boat storage.

If you want to use the boat-house as a boat garage, then it will be great because boat lifts are placed in the boathouses and don't require big construction on your property. Boats can be towed into the boathouse with no need for turning or maneuvering around obstacles when backing up.

Three Different Types of Boat House Roofs?

Custom boathouses can have flat roofs or curved roofs and the choices range from shingled to metal. The boathouse roof also gives you more options for boat storage, such as being able to build an overhang that makes it easier to walk in and out of the boathouse at any time.

A custom boathouse will be a beautiful addition to any home. You can choose boat house colors that match the main color of your home as well as the shutters and boathouse door. The boathouse flooring can be made from wood, ceramics, or even tile in order to make your boathouse look even better.

You will have a boathouse that perfectly matches your home!

Boathouse Flooring Options?

The boathouse flooring will vary depending on what you choose, but boat house flooring can be made from tile, wood, or ceramic. It is all up to you and the boathouse style that you pick. Of course, boat house concrete floors are another option. The boathouses that we offer have boat house floor plans.

A boathouse can also have boathouse insulation, boathouse windows, and boathouse doors which are custom made to fit your needs. We even have boathouses that have skylights if you want natural sunlight in the boathouse during certain hours of the day.

Boats require boat lifts for them to fit into boat houses and boat lifts come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your boat, boat lifts inside boathouses have boat weight capacities to suit the needs of most people. The boat lift can be placed directly on boathouse concrete floors or even boathouse wooden flooring which will provide you with easy boat retrieval and storage!

Building a solid foundation is key.

A geotechnical engineer should be contracted to carry out a site investigation of the area to ensure that it is suitable for boathouse construction.  

We install boathouse pilings, boat lifts, boathouse, and boat lofts using concrete and steel. Our boat lift includes all the materials needed for building your boat lift or boat hoist in Jacksonville. Your boathouse will be completed in a timely manner.

What Materials do you use in your Dock?

We use Manufacturer-warranted marine grade.23 MCA treated pilings and posts for boat docks, boat dock covers, and boathouse construction.

MCA is a standard by which wood materials are measured for durability against decay and rot. .23 MCA means the wood being used to build your boat dock or boathouse can be submerged in water 23 feet deep without rotting.

Ceramic coated deck screws are used for boat dock surfaces.

Key Advantages of Bacon Marine Construction!

Bacon Marine Construction is a complete one-stop solution for your boathouse requirements. From Consultancy and Design to Engineering, Permitting and Construction - you can rely on our team!

All Facets of boathouse Construction are available from All About Docks! Most of our competitors do not offer these Services, meaning that homeowners have to hire more contractors in order to complete the project.

Treated screws offer the ultimate in deck protection‚ÄĒwithout sacrificing aesthetics.

Well-laid out pilings and the best design throughout your boathouse construction, giving you a beautiful, durable boathouse.

Our hurricane clips are installed on every roof rafter for the ultimate boathouse construction strength.

Attention was taken to detail and wire conduit for the wiring. All items are concealed from view as much as possible. This yielded a clean install that would stand out amongst the rest.

Ready to build your new dock? Check out All About Docks Custom-Built Boathouses!

You can rest assured that attention to detail will leave your project looking amazing and to the highest standards! Striving for perfection in every boathouse construction. Elite is here to make you as proud as we are of your boathouse!!

Boathouse Contractors in Central Florida

Looking for a place to store your boat? We have the perfect solution for you. We offer a solution for boathouse storage needs. Our boat houses can be used for boat storage. You are not the only one who enjoys boathouse boat storage. We can work with you to construct a building that will suit your needs.

Our boat house construction company is able to provide you with boat house floor plans and boat lift boat hoist specifications that will fit any boat size!

You can use boat lifts to place your boat inside, or simply pull it up when you are fishing or just taking a break from boat boathouse storage.

We will work with you to design and build your boat house for boat hoist, boat lift boat storage! You may already have a boat house on the shore of Lake Butler Florida. Many boat houses have been built from boathouse plans and boat lift boat hoist blueprints. We can design a boathouse boat storage area for you boat house build, boat lift boat storage boat hoist project!

We are experienced in constructing custom boat houses as well as custom-designed boat lifts. We take great pride in our work. This boat house boat lifts boat hoist will be your home away from home. We take great pride in our work, and we know that you'll love the boat house boathouse boat storage boat hoist completed by Lake Butler boat boathouse builders All About Docks!

How to Build a Boat Dock

A boat dock is a structure that extends from the shoreline out over the water and is designed to moor boats usually in shallower waters. A boat dock can be made of various materials including wood, concrete or metal.

What Material to use?

The first step in building a boat dock is to decide on the material you would like to build your boat dock with. A boat dock can be made from a variety of materials including wood, concrete or metal. Wood boat docks are very popular for their affordability and can be installed in shallower water than most other boat dock types.

Build with wood.

Wood boat docks are generally built by installing beams along the bottom of the boat dock to act as foundations for your boat dock. These beams are then covered with wood planks which are installed vertically to create the boat dock surface.

Build with Concrete.

Concrete boat docks are rigid and come in a variety of different styles, sizes and colors allowing for almost any boat dock need to be met. A concrete boat dock is normally built by installing pilings into the lake bed and using these as foundations for your boat dock. These pilings are then covered with a concrete boat dock surface.

Build with Metal.

Metal boat docks come in either aluminum or steel and can be used in the construction of boat docks in both shallow and deep water. Metal boat docks are generally built by installing metal support beams which provide a rigid structure for your boat dock.

Build with Steel.

Steel boat dock is also a flexible boat dock option. There are many boat dock designs that call for steel boat docks including several boat lift boat hoist boat storage boat houses as well as boathouse boat lifts.

Concrete or metal boat docks can be used in the construction of custom-built boat houses or with a regular prefabricated boat house plans even if boat boat boat hoist boat lift boat storage boat house boat lifts boat houses are prefabricated.

We can help you design a custom-designed boathouse and the custom boat dock plans to match your needs. Click this LINK more information on everything from boat lifts, boat hoist, and boathouse.


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