In a world where customers are online, it is important for your business to be front of mind, easily searchable, or you will get lost in the digital crowd. 

A Google My Business account can help ensure that your business is easily discovered by those looking on their phone while walking down Main Street USA looking for your products and services!

The ultimate search engine, Google is a vital tool for any business. A strong online presence has become increasingly important in the modern world to ensure that customers find your company easily and on their own terms. With Google My Business accounts you can show up first when people look into your business by making sure they have no trouble finding it ‚ÄĒ either through the web or physical address searches!

Google My Business Listings provide your company with a new platform to showcase how awesome you are. For example, if someone searches for one of our current clients, they're more likely to find them on page 1 rather than waiting until the second or third pages when there is often an ad in between their competitors and themselves. This visibility ensures that potential customers will see what we have done right from the get-go which gives us a competitive edge over other companies!

Google My Business Accounts give small businesses more exposure so it's easier for people who are looking at this type of business' product/service offerings to choose theirs first every time vs scrolling through 10 different listings without finding anything interesting OR reading content that is not effective.

Don't be afraid of bad reviews. 

They're a sign that you are doing something right, and they can actually help improve your business or service in time. Just make sure to keep customers informed with fresh information on what's new at all times - don’t leave them guessing about important details from out-of-date content sources like Yelp!

The Google My Business app lets you post updates, contact information and hours. It also has a great feature where it appears above other sites in the search results so that your visitors can easily find you.

Misinformation is a dangerous thing when it comes to business. It can lead to bad customer experiences and missed opportunities, like when customers make the trip in for your store only find out you’re closed or they get confused about whether or not you have what they're looking for because of misinformation on social media.

Google My Business is a free service that lets you keep customers informed about business hours and other updates. It's easy to create an account in just minutes, but there are many more ways it can help your company grow!

A Google My Business profile can help boost consumer confidence in your company. In fact, customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses with a GBM listing than those without one! Another study found that complete listings on GMB were twice as likely to earn trust from customers.

Trust is a key factor when it comes to making purchase decisions. The more confident consumers feel, the more likely they are to buy and this can be influenced by Google reviews that build trust in your store. Research from Think With Google found 88% of consumers trusted online reviews which means you could sway people into visiting or buying simply with high ratings on google review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Manta etc.

Step 1: Sign UP or into Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business account is an easy process. 

To start, go to and sign into the website with your existing Gmail or create a new one if you don't already have one! 

Step 2: of the Google My Business process, you need to add your business to Google.

Type in your business name. Google can't find your business and click on the drop-down menu and look for add your business to Google. Then click on the right category for your business. 

Step 3: Enter your location type

Do you have a physical location if so then select yes.  Next address. Sometimes Google asks preposition marker for the location map. Just list your service area if your business does not have a location.

Step 4:  type in your contact information

Type in your NAB’sthe name address and phone number. Be sure to also fill in your website address so customers and contact you. if you use social media like Facebook you can also link as well. 

Step 5: Wrap it up let's manage your GMB Listing 

 If you'd like to receive updates and notifications and click the guest box.

Next, tap that finished button and you'll be asked to verify your business.

How do I verify my business with Google? 

Congratulations your account is ready to go and set up, next we will learn how to verify your Google my business.   let's get our Google verification by requesting a postcard. 

First: Sign in to Google my business 

Head on over to  then sign in. 

Second: Tap verify now.

Make sure you're on the right Google my business accounts, sometimes people have several accounts. 

Third: Pick the verification option. 

You can choose postcard by mail, or phone, or email whichever one is best for your business. 

Quick note: it can take up to two weeks for your card to arrive, once you received a postcard sign into your Google my business and click graphical location. Next type in the 5 digit verification code from the postcard they mailed you. 

Claim your business before someone else does 

There are three ways you can do this. 

Way 1:  Search the name of your business oh, and if you find it then click it. Next confirm you're the owner by following the steps.

Way 2:  Find your business in the map listings, And select manage this listing. 

Wave 3: Search business listings and see if you can click own this business?

How do I edit my business on GMB? 

The information on my business is wrong how do I fix it?

  1. Sign in to Google my business
  2. Select the business you want to modify
  3.  Locate the menu on the left and tap info.
  4.  Do you see the pencil icon click it. To remove the section just X. When you're done quick reply. 

11 Tips to Optimize your Google My Business Profile in 2021

  1. Completely Fill out your listing - Local search results favor the most relevant and accurate listings. Businesses that offer detailed information about what they do, where they are located, and how to contact them will be easier for people searching in a local area or through popular app such as Google My Business.
  2. Research keywords -  With Google, you can get your business to rank at the top of search results by including keywords and their related phrases in both descriptions for listings on this site. This is typically done with important words that are relevant to what a user might be searching for when they visit our website or click-through from another online location like social media posts.
  3. Make sure your business hours are correct - Google offers the ability to customize hours for holidays and other special events. The holiday schedule is different from what it was 20 years ago, so you’ll want to update your business hours accordingly with updates through Google My Business (GMB).
  4. Upload quality pictures  - Photos make businesses 42% more likely to receive a request for driving directions on Google Maps and 35% more click-throughs. Try not to use stock photos Google Likes to see originality. 
  5. Respond quickly to two reviews, questions, and answers. - Interacting with customers by responding to their reviews makes it clear that your business values its customers and the feedback they leave about you. Positive reviews will have a positive effect on potential users when researching companies, while also increasing visibility in search results. Encourage your clients to let you know how we are doing by engaging them.
  6. Turn on your messaging app - Ever wanted to communicate with your customers without having to deal with all the hassles of messages popping up on multiple platforms? Google My Business app allows you to do just that. With a simple tap, open Messages and turn it on through there if desired. Now when people message your business profile they will be able to initiate conversations from their own mobile device screens by using the Message button right at hand in between Photos and Reviews! This way, no matter where someone is messaging from - even while browsing online or checking out profiles before making an order- he/she can contact you for any assistance needed (or curiosity). And best yet: this feature isn’t only available in case anything urgent comes up; plus messaging can be automated. Huge potential!
  7. Create local Post - Posts on Google My Business give you a way to engage and stay fresh with local customers. They can be published from your phone, tablet, or computer in seconds. Posts are an easy way for businesses of all sizes to get their offers seen right away by the people who matter most: potential clients! 
  8. Create a product catalog - For merchants with products to showcase, GMB’s Product Editor allows them do just that. They can offer information about their items including pricing and details as well as photographs which is perfect for small- and medium-sized businesses who are looking to promote themselves in the online marketplace. Larger business owners need Local Inventory Ads if they want a similar experience but have more product offerings; however this option does not allow customers viewing your page from Google Maps or Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) access like you would through GMB's Product editor
  9. Create awesome photos and videos - One of the most important features on a Goolge my Business Listing is your photos, because it will always be visible to customers. It’s used as an introduction for visitors who land directly on your GMB Listing. Google recommends that you include a square-sized logo or image in order to help people identify you with ease; they recommend using this space wisely because potential clients are going to see right through anything less than stunning! A business product and services photo can make all the difference when trying to introduce new prospects. 
  10. Monitor your analytical data - One of the most appealing features of Google's Insights is its ability to track customer interactions with your business in real time. This way, you can see what customers are searching for and how they find your listing! Customers find your listings through both Direct and Discovery searches. Where they locate you on Google Search or Maps plays a big part in which of these two methods lead them to the listing, respectively. It’s important for marketers to take note of this data when considering future marketing campaigns that will drive customers back to their site like SEO (search engine optimization) efforts can help increase traffic from discovery search as well as many other tactics geared towards getting more views via direct searches while also increasing visibility if it already exists
  11. Create powerful calls-to-action CTA’s - Okay customers are found your listing now what what are you supposed to do once they get there? You have to tell them we have to call them into action. You want them to visit your website or find out where your location is or call you or look at your photos.You want them to go to your website and click on your latest to you or do you want them to give you a phone call so you can track them. 

The Google My Business app is a powerful tool for your business to reach thousands of people looking for the products and services you offer. Listing with this platform provides an easy way to get more customers, just by uploading some information about who you are - what sets you apart from your competitors? Check out our GMB SERIVCE PACKAGES What do your loyal patrons love most about coming in-store or browsing online? You can display important information including opening/closing times, contact details or even link visitors straight through to your website. Find out how much potential exposure could be waiting just one click away!

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Apr 16, 2021
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