How to Increase Google My Business Reviews for Your Local Business: The Ultimate Guide 2021

How to respond to online reviews and why google reviews matter. How to Get Quality Google My Business Reviews. How to Embed Google Reviews on the Website for Free? How to get more customer reviews on Google with a QR code. How to Rank Better on Google with Product Review Sites. How to Get More Google My Business Reviews for Your Local Business. 

How much do you care about your Google reviews?

If you are the owner of a local business, then it is crucial to have more reviews.

Reviews on Google can make or break your online reputation, so this article will teach you how to get more. Whether it's through responding to customer feedback, using QR codes for instant ratings and reviews, or by making sure that your website has embedded product reviews with links back to the site - there are many different ways that businesses can increase their Google My Business Review count.

Let's take a look at some of them in detail!

With more than 4.6 billion online reviews and ratings, it’s hard to ignore the power of an online review.

90% of consumers used the internet to search for a local business within the past 12 months.

Up from 27% last year, 33% of consumers look at local businesses online every day.

Google Reviews and why they are important

How to Use Google Reviews to Boost Your Rankings | SEO Melbourne

How do you search for a Roofer or Plumber or a Lawn Care company near you? 

You can go on Google and type in the name of a business or the product or service you need. Google will show you the business nearest to your location. They also show reviews that people wrote about the Business. These reviews will tell you if a place is good or not. Simple right?

88% of consumers trust their online reviews

90% read them before visiting, with Google reviews being the final factor that tips prospects into customers.

Do you read online reviews for businesses graph

How do I get more Google Reviews?

13 Essential Google My Business Optimizations to Rank Higher in Local  Search | WordStream

Need more online reviews for your business? Try these 18 tactics to get them.

Optimize your Google My Business listing - In order to leave a review for your business on Google, customers need to open up  Google Maps, search for your business, pull up your Google Business Profile, and click the "Reviews" tab. One way--and just one of many--ways that you can get more reviews is by adding this information on your website as well:

Make Google review link shortcut - A Google review shortcut link streamlines the process of submitting reviews for your business in a more simplified manner. There is a super simple way to find this link. Look for Get more reviews & Share your Business Profile and get new reviews from customers SHARE REVIEW FORM.

Demonstrate How to Give you 5 Stat Reviews - Tell them you have a link in your email. Tell them you have a button on your website. Text them a link.

Directly Ask Clients for a Google Review - Don't be afraid to do this. The easiest way to get a Google review is to simply ask. Asking for reviews may come across as very direct, but it’s the most surefire way of ensuring all your satisfied customers leave a comment. If you find yourself talking with an especially happy customer on the phone, request that they write their feedback about your service in the form.

Google Review Follow-Up Emails - After a job ends, try to get your client's feedback by sending them an email asking them for constructive criticism. In your email be sure to: Make your reviews personal and proactive. Thank customers who visit for choosing to come in, ask them why they liked what they saw if there are any things you can improve on offer your opinion, and then provide a way for customers to leave a review of their own.

Leave Google Review Bread Crumbs - GMB Bread Crumb is a card left at a customer's property by local contractors, similar to review cards. For example, if you’re an electric contractor who just installed a Telsa charging station in a client’s home, consider leaving behind an informative folder containing the following: Car and maintenance tips for the new Telsa Charging Station. A phone number in case the customer has any follow-up questions. A business card. A Google review card. Clear, precise instructions detailing how to use the review card.

Put a Google Review Link on the Website - A custom Google review link is a URL you can create where clients and customers can leave reviews for your business. When someone clicks on this link, they are brought to a webpage that has fields for their name, title of the review, rating (5-stars), and if applicable any comments they want to add.

Use Google Review Generation Tools - Review generation tools have made the review process increasingly streamlined.

Build an Email Google Review Nurturing System - A customer's unwillingness to leave a review the first time they are asked does not necessarily imply that you will never get it. Keep in mind that you might have caught them at a bad time during your first request. It may also be that they wanted to leave you a review after their second review, but simply forgot. We recommend creating two email follow-up templates instead of just one.

Limit your total number of review requests to three. You should try sending a new request once a week or even every two weeks until you have reached your maximum for reviews. And that means everyone will never leave a review no matter how many times you ask.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn't keep trying! Persistent follow-up keeps your company fresh in customers' minds and adds more.

Don't Delete - Defeat Bad Reviews - Kill them Kindness. Learn from the negative. So you got a poor review? Don’t retaliate, don’t make excuses. Just accept responsibility and vow to fix the problem. I’ve seen our clients change a single star review into a five stars just by being good people and taking care of business. When a company monitors their reviews and responds to them, even bad ones, customers are more likely to view that company in a positive light. If the review is false, follow these steps.

Add ConvertBox and Chatbots on Your Website - Anything and Everything to remind them a positive review would be appreciated. People often put things off. You, me, and everybody knows this. CTA and popups such as “Are you enjoying [insert product here]? Leave us a review!” are common on app stores.

Respond to Your Responders - We recommend responding to both positive and negative reviews. If a customer leaves a positive review, say thank you and ask if they have constructive feedback to share. If a customer leaves a negative review, respond to the issue and apologize for it. Google loves companies that take the time to address reviews and improve their ratings.

Leave a Google Review button on the bottom of your website - In addition to or instead of having a designated page for Google reviews (or reviews in general) on your website, you may also want to include them at the bottom of your website. This way, you don't have to worry about deciding where or where not to include the CTA.

Offer to give them a 5 Star Review - It's a two-way street you know. Tell them it's quick and Easy - Let the customer know that they can leave a star rating with just one to two sentences of feedback. Use words like “leave a review” or “drop a quick review” verses “write a review,” which sounds less like work.

Turn a Survey into Interview Questions - Ask how is your business doing? How did we do? Answer with 5 stars.

Ask your friends on Facebook - Social media and reviews are an excellent open door to transparency. Post your best review-screen shot and ask customers when leaving feedback to include a google review link as well, for other potential new clients that will be browsing you site or social media feed.

Ask for Google My Business reviews

If you do not ask, you will remain unheard. Did you know that 77% of people are willing to leave a review when they are asked? One of the easiest ways to get more Google Reviews is by being proactive and asking your customers. To accumulate reviews, ask your customers for their feedback throughout the entire buying process.

Fortunately for you, there are many places to ask.

Why not try:

In store - you can encourage customer service staff to ask customers leaving the premises to use the in-store kiosk or website, and rate their experience.Another way to thank them for purchasing from your business is by giving them a card with their purchase receipt on it. Companies often incentivise this with entry into a competition upon completion or give a discount.

Via email - One of the easiest ways to ask for more Google reviews is through email. Using a review platform like, you can effectively streamline your review requests.

On your site - You should add a review widget to your site for additional reviews. Why not consider using a popup post-checkout with a link to your Google My Business listing to make it really easy for customers?

On social - Your social following is following you for a specific reason - they like you! Write a post asking them to leave a review on Google.

Ask vendors and partners for Reviews - Vendors and partners might not have been customers, but they can attest to what it's like to work with you on a regular basis.

Produce a 5 Star Google Review Instructional Video - In order to increase the number of reviews on website, some companies have created at-home marketing videos that show customers how to leave reviews for their business. For example, this home security supplier who made a quick video demonstrating the process:

The Right Words to Say

Asking for Google reviews can be difficult. Here are some phrases to consider if you're looking for a way to approach the situation:

  • Your reviews help us to help more people like you. Please share your feedback about our business!
  • Give a quick review of our products and services at Google.
  • Contact us today and let us know how we're doing! Read our Google reviews.
  • When you click on the Google reviews author box, you'll be prompted to give your feedback. Please consider taking a moment to do so!
  • Leave a review on Google, and it will point people to us for local services.

Post a Step by Step Process on how to access your Google My Business Profile.

Embedding reviews from your customers into your website is a good way to show potential customers what others have said about the product or service. Eventually you may want to leave reviews for other local businesses in your community who don't have the shortcut link. So here's how:

How to leave a Google review

  1. "go to the Google Maps app"
  2. Search for the company name
  3. Contact the company on Google Maps
  4. Tap the Reviews tab in your Google listing.
  5. Google My Business provides a “Rate and review” section so that you can provide feedback on how your experience went.

Make Google business a part of your Onboarding Process

Make Google Reviews a part of customer communication.

You get an email saying a good job! Send a Link. You a text about a problem. Fix it. Send a Link. You get a new customer. The love your new service or Product. Send a Link.

Consumers trust reviews even when they come from strangers, and many people think these are just as reliable as personal recommendations. You can use this to your advantage.

Encourage your patrons to review your business on Google by making it a habit. As long as you make it easier for your customers to leave reviews on Google, you are likely to see more reviews appear with all the benefits that go along with them- from ranking better in SERPs and building an improved reputation.

Managing your Google reviews

Owners of local businesses should monitor automated comments and responses to ensure that they are listening to customers.

Here's what you need to keep in mind when managing your Google My Business reviews. 

How to handle positive and negative reviews on Google.

Consider the feedback internally before publishing it.

Prepare responses to negative reviews.

Respond to the review publicly and provide a prompt response.

Have a 1:1 conversation.

Be transparent about mistakes and concerns.

Offer a solution and be willing to help #1. Offer a Solution #2. Stay Positive #3. Be Responsive and Respectful.

Sign your name on responses you post online.

Request updates from your customer and don’t leave the conversation unfinished.

If you want to rank better on Google, then it's a good idea to start with your one-star reviews I always. recommend you start with 1-star reviews on your Google My Business page before working on anything else.

How do you remove reviews from Google?

Google reviews have made or broken the livelihood of many businesses. Sadly, people and fake accounts can leave negative or forged reviews which might negatively impact your online reputation.

So, what should you do about this issue?

There is no direct “delete” option for Google reviews, but there are different ways to respond about getting the review removed.

  1. Navigate to your Google My Business profile, perform the following action:
  2. Click on “Reviews“
  3. Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  4. Click “Flag as inappropriate“
  5. Clicking OK, a window with “Report review” will be shown and it is possible to see the text about Google's content policy.
  6. Another popup with the text “What’s wrong with this review” is shown, and you need to choose the relevant reason.
  7. After selecting the reason, click “Report“
  8. After Google processes your request, they will send you an email with an update on your removal request. 

2021 Best Embed Tools For Google Reviews On Website

Google reviews are a good way to show people what other people think about your business. Google has ways to do this. Let's embed on your website.

Tagembed Google Review Widget

Tagembed Google Reviews widget is dedicated to embed reviews on your official website. The widget helps you fetch customer reviews from Google and display them in a single feed across the web platform. Google provides widgets that allow you to customize how your product reviews are displayed online. To eliminate irrelevant and unwanted reviews, you can moderate the content in your feed.

How to grab more Google Reviews in 7 awesome Ways

Get Your Google My Business Marketing Kit. 

The Google My Business Marketing Kit website lets you create customized marketing materials. Documents like these can save you time by providing ready-to-use social posts, stickers, and other pieces of collateral that promote your business in the real and digital worlds.

Create a landing page for more Google reviews. 

You can create a dedicated landing page that encourages customers to be more vocal about their experiences. Once the Google My Business page is set up, it’s important to get customers to identify points on your website where they can be prompted with a prompt for customer reviews.

You can even share the link to the page across your social media profiles or give customers a friendly reminder in post-transactional situations.

To take full advantage of these landing pages, you can use reputation management software to reach out to customers or share surveys and review widgets (with a Google review button) to get feedback.

The Advantage of Google Reviews

Obtaining high-quality Google reviews of your products and services is an easy and free way to get ahead of your competitors by building customer trust.

Keep getting new reviews to maintain a good reputation and improve your ROI. To get the most out of Google reviews, you just need to follow these few simple steps.

Can they trust you?

Google reviews help your business build trust and credibility, which are vital factors in the customer decision-making process. Online review websites have become a standard means of feedback for consumers, with nearly three in five (59%) people claiming to consult them before making any purchase or use.

  • 91% of consumers read reviews online, so it’s important to carefully consider your customer reviews to ensure they are positive.
  • Ninety-six percent of people say they trust online reviews as much as a first-hand recommendation
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust the business more.

Be Transparent

Google reviews provide the transparency and social proof that keep your online presence strong. A review on Google is where most of your potential customers will see your business first, so it's important to have reviews that will keep them going.

Google reviews SEO advantages

Another important implication of Google reviews is their ability to help you rank higher in search result pages. Even though Google won't share their algorithm, it's believed that reviews play an important role in determining your site's position and rank for searches.

Positive reviews will increase the likelihood that people will click through to your website. Positive customer feedback, as seen in the form of a high click-through rate and positive reviews, will tell Google's algorithm that your website is trustworthy.

This will cause when it appears near the top of search results. Reviews of your business on both Google local review sections and external platforms-- like google reviews or other sites that offer customer product reviews-- can lead to a higher conversion rate from traffic on your site.

Do Reviews Effect my Rank?

Reviews on Google will influence your position in the Local Pack (a list of nearby businesses). Review stars prominently show up in Local Pack listings on Google, signifying that they are an important ranking factor.

When a user searches for your type of business along with the city and state they are in, Google understands this as a local search. Search engines like Google will want to provide the best search results for you in your local area, which is why it will show local businesses and reviews. Google understands from customer reviews that this business is local and relevant based on three factors.

– Number of reviews

– Velocity of reviews

– Diversity of reviews

How to bet the most ROI out of Google Reviews

You need a Google Review Strategy.

There are no one-size-fits-all solution to this. Every business has its own unique challenges, requirements, and needs. A clear step-by step plan will improve your chances of success and minimize the risk of a disaster. In addition, you should follow these simple steps:

To get more reviews, ask customers for their opinion at different points of contact.

Monitor your Google My Business account for new ratings.

Should I Embed Google Reviews?

Google reviews matter because they serve as a measure of customer satisfaction and can help boost rankings on search engines like Google. Embed Google Reviews to the website for free with HTML code or other platforms that allow reviews such as Facebook, SquareXO, Reevoo, Yelp, E-go

Google reviews are public, so I advise you to respond to both positive and negative feedback.

Decide if you need to take actions in response to the review

Increase your trust and credibility

Google reviews are as important for a small business as referrals from friends or family. It's said more than 91% of shoppers trust reviews as long as they are realistic. Google is one of the main sources of traffic and customer acquisition, so people are naturally more interested in viewing Google reviews than other review sites.

– Customer reviews are important to acquire because they serve as a reflection of how you treat them.

– How responsive are you to their concerns or needs?

– Most people will know that there are a fair few things you can do to boost customer reviews for your business. However, did you also know that the best thing you could do is just ask them how they liked it?

Reviews on Google affect our decision-making process and can convert more customers.

A typical customer buying process consists of four steps: awareness, decision, purchase, evaluation. If the person doing a google search for your business is still deciding, they will put themselves in the consideration set. However, if you have no reviews, then you fall off the consideration set.

But if your business has positive google reviews, the customer may end up purchasing from you. Positive Google reviews can make all the difference to any business, and for customers, they may provide that final bit of confidence. To avoid being penalized by Google, be mindful of your rating and recent negative reviews.

Google reviews are a source of customer feedback

Although feedback is relatively easy to get for large companies, it may not be so straightforward for a small business. Online reviews of your business are vital to keeping in touch with current and potential customers. Google My Business Reviews (GMBRs) help you get more visibility on the site.

When you list a review, it is also available through other search sites and mobile devices. Reviewers can go direct to Google's listings for certain types of businesses You will learn if a customer had a good experience and what exactly lead to that. Providing a video of your best sellers can help customers double down on the products they need.

Positive feedbacks in your google my business tells you where you are succeeding and give ideas on how to fix any problems with the solution. Moreover, this too is a chance to show others that you really care. How? By sincerely apologizing through a response to a negative review.

Get more google reviews

Be extraordinary

One of the best ways to get google reviews for your business is to provide excellent service. Whether you're an HVAC, cabinet manufacturer, or pest control business, be a valuable service provider that your customers will want to recommend.

Leaving reviews requires a small amount of effort, but it is rewarded when customers make an effort to leave you feedback and help improve your business.

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